In Vivo Neurophysiology


Dr. Christiaan de Kock awarded Open Competition ENW-M grant

Dr. Christiaan de Kock awarded Open Competition ENW-M-2 grant (700k€) to study multisensory processing in primary visual cortex.

Burst spiking encodes exploratory whisker touch

Teams at the VU Amsterdam, Heidelberg University, Center of Advanced European Studies and Research (Bonn) and Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology (Martinsried) achieve next step in understanding how sensory information is represented across different cell-types of primary somatosensory (barrel) cortex of behaving rats. Their findings were published in Communications Biology.

Brains of smarter people have bigger and faster brain cells

Natalia Goriounova published the association between large human pyramidal neurons that generate fast action potentials and intelligence in eLIFE