Rhiannon Meredith

Assistant Professor
Team Leader


August 2008 – present Staff scientist, VU University, CNCR, Amsterdam.

2004- 2008 Postdoctoral RA, VU University, Amsterdam with Prof Huib Mansvelder.
Multi-photon calcium imaging and neurophysiology of prefrontal cortex in Fragile X syndrome mice.

2002- 2004 Postdoctoral RA, University of Oxford, UK with Dr Ole Paulsen.
Synaptic plasticity during development of cortex and hippocampus.

Departmental Lectureship, University Lab. of Physiology, Oxford, UK.

1997-2001 PhD behavioural neuroscience, Babraham Institute, BBSRC, UK and Dept. of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK

The aim of our research is to study how synaptic transmission and plasticity of synaptic contacts changes during key periods of development or via pharmacological manipulation in the hippocampus and cortex. Furthermore, to gain an understanding into the underlying mechanisms of the changes observed in information processing disorders, such as mental retardation, at both the cellular and network levels in the brain.

In our department at the VU Amsterdam, we use patch-clamp and multi-electrode electrophysiological techniques to study neuronal and synaptic function both at single-cell and circuit levels within the nervous system. In addition, we use multi-photon microscopy for imaging calcium transients and spine morphology in vitro.

Contact info

Telephone:+31 (0) 20 59 86986