Cortical microcircuits


Mohit Dubey thesis defense November 14th

Water and ion homeostasis in the developing brain: disease models impacting understanding of physiology

NIH Brain Initiative grant with Allen Institute

Huib Mansvelder and his team receive 1.25 million dollar from the NIH for their research on human brain cells.

Thijs Verhoog's paper in Nature Communications

First description of cholinergic modulation of long-term plasticity in human neocortex

Nature Communications paper on AMPA-R auxiliary subunit Shisa6

Remco Klaassen’s and Jasper Stroeder’s work on the AMPA receptor auxiliary subunit Shisa6 appeared in Nature Communications

Human pyramidal neurons are 3 times larger than mouse and monkey

Hemanth Mohan and Thijs Verhoog published their paper reporting the first full quantitative neuronal morphologies of human pyramidal neurons including dendrites as well as axons.

Two papers in Cerebral Cortex

Christiaan de Kock, Huib Mansvelder and collaborators publish two papers in Cerebral Cortex on the organizational principles of cortex in rat and human.